Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Refined Old Stars - the exhibition

We bought some alcohol, we drank it, and then forgot to sell the illustrations we where exhibiting.
It was 4 o´clock on a Saturday. The irregular crowd fell in the door, already drunk on a combination of spumante and the smell of weekend. It seems a thief had struck in the mist of night, but with 15 bottles of wine, we were unable to care. Under the influence of a hypothesis that a drunk salesman is a good salesman, we started emptying the bottles. And we soon forgot that we were there to sell illustrations. So we fled the exhibition and arranged a concert with Mr.Orkester, the best live musician known to mankind. Goodtimes.
Tacos tacos to Frukt & Tobakk, and to you who were there with us. 

Love Birger

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